We produce technical injection mould parts (main thermoplastics, rubber etc.) of all kinds according to your specifications.
We produce the necessary tools in our tooling workshop.
We process the common types of materials.

Used materials:
   Imported materials
   Materials from the well-known international manufacturers (almost all of them also can be produced in China).
   Materials from Chinese manufacturers (sometimes very interesting in terms of price and good quality).

Weight ranges:
   Weight from 0.001 - 2.7 kg

   Closing forces 20 t - 800 t

Lot sizes:
   We also produce small batches.

Especially, due to our low cost tooling, it is cost-effective even with small quantity.
The parts can be machined, surface treated, assembled and packed in our assembly department.

Quality control:
   The required inspection and measuring facilities including measuring engines are available.
   The production is monitored constantly. All parts are 100% inspected after completion. You can find at the page of Quality Assurance for more detailed information.

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