Mechanical processing

We produce parts for the mechanical engineering, automotive industry and the electrical engineering according to your individual demand (non-standard parts)
We equipped all necessary manual, semi-automatic and automatic production facilities in our production lines, including facilities for lathing, milling, grinding, drilling.
We process the common kinds of materials.
Our major emphasis is the processing of light metals.

   manual, semiautomatic milling machines
   manual, semiautomatic grinding machines
   manual, semiautomatic motorized metal-turning lathes
   CNC motorized metal-turning lathes
   processing centers
   manual, semiautomatic drilling machines
   screwing machines for small series
   The parts can be further welded, surface-treated, assembled and packed.

   Components such as hinges, mounting plates, mounting rails, clamps, screw connections etc.
   In addition, we process all usual components of the well-known suppliers.

Surface coating:
   Special treatment of the products e.g. chromate or phosphatase.
   Painting in RAL or special colors.
   Choices between wet lacquer or powder coating.

Quality control:
   The measuring facilities, such as measuring engines.
   Constantly monitor the production. All parts are 100% inspected. You can find more about this in Quality Assurance.

   We also can produce with small batches according to your demand.

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