We produce pressure die casting parts of all kinds according to your specifications.
We process different materials upon DIN ISO and US-standard.

   Here is the specifications of the types of material we mainly use.
   The materials correspond to the German and European standards.
   We process aluminum and zinc alloys according to DIN / EN.

   GD-AlSi9Cu3 (226 D) 3.2163
   GD-AlSi12 (Cu) (231 D) 3.2982
   GD-AlSi12 (230 D) 3.2582
   GD-AlSi10Mg (239 D) 3.2385
   Other alloys on request.

   GD-ZnAl4 Z400
   GD-ZnAl4Cu1 Z410
   GD-ZnAl4Cu3 Z430
   Other alloys on request.

Weight area:
   0.010 – 5.000 kg. Other weights on request.
   Tolerances according to DIN / EN.

   Cold and hot chamber machines up to 1.150 t.
Lot sizes:
   We also produce small batches.

This makes it cheaper to convert parts that have previously been laboriously machined to die casting.
The parts can be mechanically processed, surface treated, assembled and packed in our assembly department.
You can find more information about this in the respective areas.

In particular, the tool prices have great differences. Our die casting solutions are significantly cheaper than what you buy from Europe. Therefore, it is worthwhile to think about a solution for a die-cast part, even with very small quantities. We would be happy to make you an offer.

The tools are manufactured in accordance with DIN 1688, sheet 4.
Below you will find the details according to the standard.
For die-cast parts made of light metal alloys, the dimensional deviations are essentially dependent on:
   The dimensional and functional accuracy of the die casting mold, characterized by the degree of accuracy
   The position of the shape division, characterized by the subdivision into shape-related and non-shape-related dimensions (see DIN 1680, sheet 1)
   The shape or size of the cast part, characterized by the diagonal
   The size of the nominal dimensions

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